The Toy As Art

I am pleased to have been invited to show some custom pieces in “THE TOY AS ART” group exhibition at the Jarvis Rockwell Gallery, 49 Main St. in North Adams Mass. The show opens Thursday July 26th and runs through August 26th.

One of the pieces I am showing is a 1 of 1 hand paint “The Son Of SUM”. Hand cast resin with inset eyes.

Humpty Dumpty Reanimated

Humpty Dumpty Reanimated
© bob conge 2012

We all know how the first half of this story goes: H D was sitting on a wall / had a
great fall / and no one could put him back together again.
Well not until 1801, when a German stone mason named Wilhelm Trowels Point,
came across these strange looking white shell like pieces in the soil at the base
of a wall he was repairing on the grounds of the young Victor Frankenstein.
Victor recognized the pieces immediately as being from the legendary egg like
creature and thus began his first and far less well known foray into reanimation
many years before the Doctors infamous second attempt. In many ways this was
the more successful of his experiments and HD-2 became a most capable lab
assistant to the good Doctor until his death some 52 years later.
HD-2 ran out of power a few weeks later and was sold with contents of the
castle that following spring. Nothing is known of his whereabouts until May of
2005 when I purchased him from an old curio shop in London.
HD-2 has been a valued assistant in the Plaseebo shop these past seven years.

This is a new 11″ one-off custom vinyl mash-up with a vacuum tube, lights and slime.

Molezillas Revenge edition for FOE Gallery

The custom hand paint in the photo above was created in my studio a few weeks ago by my 6 year old grandson, Max Conge, and was my inspiration for the Ultra Limited “Molezillas Revenge” exclusive hand paint edition I created as an exclusive for the FOE Gallery in Northampton, MA. This vinyl figure is 7″ tall and is Made in USA from start to finish.   The edition of 5, signed and numbered, will be released on December 9th. as part of the FOE Holiday Art Bizarre Exhibition.

The Night Gamer TRON Series

This is the Night Gamer TRON Series introduced at the 2011 NYCC. They are 6.5″ vinyl custom hand-paints with glass eye inserts and an internal motion activated color-changing LED unit that illuminates the TRON design. While the first five in the series sold out, other custom hand-paints will be released as the series continues in 2012.

In darkened room with internal LED unit illuminating the TRON effect.


The ASTRONOT is a one-off 11 inch custom mash-up created for the Sofubi Godfathers Show at the TAG Gallery.

 Also used image as a promotional poster for Plaseebo.


Plaseebo is pleased to have received the honor of  2nd place in the 2011 RESTORE DEBRIS JAPAN – World PAINTING    CONTEST.

 “The Spirit Who Restores”

He is the collective spirt of the people that will restore Japan from the damage suffered in the Tsunami.

The base is covered with the debris of crushed cars and broken homes. The base also contains a color-changing LED unit that shines light up through the debris to illuminate the flag and figure when displayed in a darkened room.




The first official release of MOLEZILLA will be a clear blue vinyl Exclusive 2011 SDCC edition from Bob Conge / Plaseebo and will be available from the Dragatomi SDCC Booth # 4935.

7″ high with pink inset eyes and an internal motion activated LED unit in an Ultra Limited edition of 10 signed and numbered pieces will  come with a full color header card and a back-story sheet.