“DOKUPUS meets SKULLOCTOPUS” Set will be released in Plaseebo online store this Friday.

We are stoked to be able to offer this first collaboration release from Plaseebo and Blobpus.

Dokupus meets Skulloctopus on the planet Mars / Love At First Sight

The “Skulloctopus from Outer Space” is a menacing bio-mechanical creature that was created by the on board computer of a space craft from a secret 1960’s Soviet manned Mars landing that lost communication just before landing on the red planet. With no way back to Earth and a limited amount of food and water, the on board computer seeks a way to survive the death of the crew and gain mobility.

Dokupus meets Skulloctopus

Using its robotic arms the computer builds the “Skulloctopus” by joining the skull and brain of one of the cosmonauts with the tentacle legs of a creature that the crew had collected from beneath the surface of Mars. Then by incorporating parts of the landing crafts systems and downloading all of its data and programs, the on-board computer becomes the self sufficient solar powered mobil brain called “Skulloctopus”. The prime directive of this other world Frankenstein is to find a way to return to Earth.

After thirty-seven years of wandering the barren red deserts of Mars in search of some form of intelligence, Skulloctopus detects a sensory input on his scanner that is unlike any data he has yet received. Just as he determines the origin of this transmission is 98 degrees above the surface, a group of dark saucer shaped spacecrafts with red scanning lights silently descend from the black sky to thirty feet above him. There was a high pitched buzzing tone as a Dokupus teleported to the surface from one of the hovering ships and materialized in front of him. He looked at the white skull in the outstretched hand of the Dokupus and Skulloctopus saw this as a gesture of peace and friendship. It was love at first sight.