New releases for Kaiju Comrads 2

The “Bituminous minor” aka “The GUNKANJIMA Kaiju”, a new sculpt from Plaseebo, will debut at the “Kaiju Comrades 2” show in Japan on March 12th at the Design Festa Gallery.

“Bituminous minor” aka “The GUNKANJIMA Kaiju”
copyright 2010 Bob Conge

All projects begin at the point of INSPIRATION and this one is inspired by a real place, “Hashima” aka “Gunkanjima”, a nickname translated to English meaning “Battleship Island”. This tiny (1.2 sq km) island when viewed from the coast of Japan does in fact look like a battleship setting 19 km off shore.

Described today as a rotting Metropolis, Gunkanjima was from 1887 until 1974 a self contained coal
mining facility that fed the iron and steel industry and contributed to Japans modernization. At its peak in 1959 Gunkanjima was the most densely populated place on earth, packing 139,000 people into one square kilometer of its 50 residential high risers. Mining coal from beneath the the sea floor with waves and typhoons raging above.

Then 36 years ago the entire population vanished almost overnight leaving behind most of their possessions. The official line said they returned to the mainland, but of course we know better ………………………………..

And this is where MY story begins.        “A great storm raged from the sea that black night in 1974 breaking loose the moorings of all ships docked at the island sending them crashing into the towering break water that surrounds Hashima. Any hope of escape was at the bottom of this tormented ocean when a creature of revenge was awakened in the deepest of the mine shafts as a hand full of men broke through into the cavity before them. This was the first taste of flesh in over 2000 years for “Bituminous minor” aka “The GUNKANJIMA Kaiju”. He made his way up through the dark winding shafts to the city above and by morning had consumed all those living on this doomed island.  Where will he feed next ?”

The “Bituminous minor” aka “The GUNKANJIMA Kaiju
Eight inch high hand cast resin with eye inserts and an internal color changing LED unit.

LED unit on in darkened room

The second piece in the show is the ” FRIGISCARE P-2 / strawberry-blueberry yogurt version” ” which has a new head sculpt. Nine inch high hand cast resin with glass eye insert, opening refrigerator door and an internal color changing LED unit. To read the “Coco and the Frigiscare”  backstory  click on “BACKSTORIES” in the navagation bar and scroll down.

LED unit on in darkened room with refrigerator door open.