plaseebo_logoimage,jpgWhile it has been some 4000 years in the making, if you believe the backstory, PLASEEBO was finally founded in 2004 as a shop dedicated to creating unique one of a kind collectable figures and designing original figures for Ultra Limited editions. You can read the PLASEEBO backstory here if you wish.

Whatever the direction or medium of expression, the drive is to bring to life a personal vision in the form of a new figure, hence the tag line, ” PLASEEBO / its not what you think “. To create is to push the envelope, that is to say, I will not make today what I made yesterday. The goal of the work is not in achievement, but rather in that of ” ever becoming “.

I am a collector, and have always been as far as I can recall. I remember, as a young boy, my most prized possession being a small box in which I kept colorful or uniquely shaped stones, butterfly wings, bird’s feet, dried flowers, a skull I had carved from wood, a small red plastic A-Bomb, and a wave-washed piece of deep blue glass. This first collection was a micro cosmos of my world at that time.

Since that first taste,collecting has taken me on many journeys, including the quest of unique toys. When I was in collage, I took out a student loan that I really did not need and went knocking on doors asking folks if they had any old toys the attic they would like to sell. Thus began a collection of early american cast iron horse drawn fire wagons, pre-war wind up german tin litho vehicles, and on and on. Later the collections included MIP action figures, vintage Japanese tin robots and space toys and in the 1980′s vintage Japanese vinyl kaiju.

My experience as a collector is my guide to ensuring the lasting quality and value of the figures produced at Plaseebo, by hand sculpting all of our figures in house and hand painting each piece of every edition, by keeping the figures very limited, from one of a kind pieces to Ultra Limited editions as small as four or five and regular editions rarely exceeding fifteen, and by striving to continually create fresh and unique new figures.

Bob Conge