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Plastic and Plush / Artist of The Year

I am very pleased and honored to have been selected as the 2013 Artist of The Year in the annual survey by Plastic and Plush. http://plasticandplush.com/2014/03/2013-papas-artist-of-the-year.html#.UyKkkV6Z7sI

The Crawling Dead Show at TAG Gallery

Plaseebo is pleased to have been invited to create a custom based on the Autopsy Zombie Staple Baby vinyl figure from Miscreation Toys for the CRAWLING DEAD show at TAG Gallery in Los Angeles.  The “Zombie Baby” is a one of a kind mash-up of the GID vinyl body from Miscreation Toys with a hand […]

New Book On Resin Figures

Plaseebo is pleased to have a feature in the just released book titled “We are Indie Toys”  by Louis Bou. The book features the work of 30 independent designers from across the globe. Here is a look at the Plaseebo feature.                                           


Plaseebo is pleased to have been invited to once again be part of Toy Karma 4 opening October 5th at Rotofugi Gallery in Chicago. The main piece I will have in this years show is from my ongoing “Great American Kaiju” series that is inspired by REAL MONSTERS. The thrust of this work, titled “Congress […]

“The BURGERKING” / A fable for America

The Burger King / A fable for America   copyright Bob Conge 2013 Looking back, it is difficult to grasp Sumner only weighed a bit over 3 pounds at birth and one might wonder if overcompensation played a role in his development as neither his mother or father broke five feet or weighed nighty pounds […]