Night Gamers

Once upon a time……. in a parallel universe, 30 seconds ahead us, a life form achieved the ability to travel at 186,000 miles per second. These creatures traveled in pairs and were able to attain this speed by sending a burst of psychic energy from one to another which would be slung back to the other at 10 times the speed at which it was received. Geometrically accelerating until reaching the speed of light, and at that instant the psychic energy was transformed into light energy. The pimple ridden pinkish skin color of their small stumpish bodies went transparent as they became smaller and smaller till disappearing with a flash of blue light.

Having traveled for 30 seconds they arrive back on Earth, only now in OUR universe. Fortunately for them, unlike the time travelers in Terminator, our neighbors are able to maintain their ability to levitate in both universes. Rather than crashing in a heap on the asphalt, they enter our universe hovering in air above the exact spot they were in on Earth when they left their universe. One of the few drawbacks being the chance of a collision with a bird or worse a plane.

Upon arrival here, they are at first a clear blue in daylight and appear to glow a bluish color when arriving after dark. But their skin color soon returns to its rather sickly pink hue.

Those arriving here during daylight hours quickly realized their delicate pink skin would not tolerate the more intense infrared rays of the Sun in our Universe. While the NIGHT GAMERS had no need of clothing, as we know it, in their parallel Universe, it became clear they would need some sort of protection while here.

After spending the afternoon in the shade of a hollow tree, the two NIGHT GAMERS went in search of food as night fell and stopped to drink from a garden of morning glories that had been coaxed open by the full moon. Nectar was the only food source they had ever known and having no need to consume any living plant or animal served to reenforce their Buddhist view of life as they moved through the environment disturbing as little as possible with the belief they should encounter all things in the order that life experience would present them.

The pair left the garden fully fueled with faces covered in bright yellow pollen and found their way that first moon lit night to a toy factory in the outskirts of a small town located in the Finger Lakes area of upstate New York.

As luck or faith would have it, this toy factory was known throughout the country for its Teddy Bears and upon gliding through an open second story window, the pair could see illuminated in the cool lunar light these furry creatures in various stages of completion lying on the long wooden assembly tables.

Hovering above a section of the wide table they looked down at the flat furry, yet to be filled brown suits. Slipping into their new duds they found the bears eye covers had yet to be painted allowing them to see perfectly through the clear lenses. They had only to retract their probes for a perfect fit.

Having been a rather eventful day and night they curled up in a very comfy half full box of finished Teddy Bears and soon drifted off into dreams of their homeland Earth.

Our travelers are awakened by a strange vibrating sound and find themselves still surrounded by furry friends but in total darkness. They are in carton A-768 packed in the back of a semi, snaking its way down state through the morning mist to a toy store in New York City. Comfortable in their situation the two drift back to sleep after extending their probes out through an untaped corner of their container for some fresh air.

By evening box A-768 has been unloaded to the receiving dock at the rear of the toy store and wheeled inside to the isle of stuffed animals where it will be unpacked first thing in the morning, before the store opens.

A few hours later the two are lifted out into the brightly lit store and bound together with a white plastic connector through the furry ears of their suits. Almost as soon as they are placed on the shelving with the others under the “SPECIAL 2 for 1” sign, the NIGHT GAMERS are in the dimly lit interior of another container. A paper bag being pulled back and forth by the small damp hands of two brothers riding in the back seat of a yellow cab crawling its way down 7th Avenue.

The boys jump out in front of an aging, but still elegant, cast iron building on Green street and run up the steps, through the door and up the stairway to the second floor holding our travelers in the bag between them into the loft and up the ladder to their bedroom.

The sides of the bag rip open in several directions at once as if exploding like a house in a hurricane and the NIGHT GAMERS find themselves in a zoo of plush animals.

As dusk arrives once again soft rays of light rake the boys room and fade into the shadows to wait for another morning.

The boys are soon asleep and the travelers are freeing themselves from their teddy bear ware in the darkness. A warm orange glow from a neon sign across the street runs like a ribbon across the floor, up the side of the bed and quietly on to the boys faces as the NIGHT GAMERS hover on either side of the head of the boy closest to the window.


This is the one and only reason they have risked their lives traversing an unknown passage to our universe………….THE GAME !
Think of the boys brain as a kind of X-box and the boys memory, thoughts, feelings, etc., as the software with which the Night Gamers will construct a game to play each other.

The NIGHT GAMERS have developed Electro Pulse Synapse Manipulation, EPSM for short. Working through the audio canal they are able to directly tap into and access everything contained in any electro-chemical functioning brain, regardless of species. Emitting a series of ultra high frequency audio signals, to which the brain responds and transforms into electrical pulses, they are able to traverse the nuro network. Kind of like communicating in html code without a keyboard or speaking in 1’s and 0’s. Anyway, on this most basic level of communication, the difficulties involved with multiple languages and translation simply do not exist. Another interesting aspect of the process is absence of learning as we know it, once a Gamer is in, he has access to all the knowledge contained within that given brain. Not unlike having instantaneous total recall of an entire personal library of thought and experience.

An example might be if the NIGHT GAMERS had stopped by a pond that moonlit night Upstate and hooked up to play a frog, the game might have revolved around protecting an amphibious territory with all the splashing, hopping and needeepin two frogs could muster on a warm early spring evening. “FROG WARS”…. never mind.

The first GAME begins as the NIGHT GAMERS slowly extend their probes and gently insert them into the ears of the sleeping boy. Once a Gamer is in, he has access to Everything contained within that given brain.

Searching thru the data, past the boys favorite colors and ice cream flavor, they came upon a school report he just finished writing about the Wright brothers flight of the Kitty Hawk. The game that emerged from the data would require the player to build a virtual working model of the plane, learn to fly, and stay aloft for five minutes. The first one to do so wins.

As the challenge began, the heads of the two players appear to glow in shifting colors and as the frenzy of the game increased, so did the brightness of the flashing colors inside their heads, till the walls and ceiling of the small room echoed with the razzle-dazzel of a county fair on the fourth of July.

It ended in a draw, but the Night Gamers took their names from that first game in our universe, Wilber and Orvil.