Plastic and Plush / Artist of The Year

I am very pleased and honored to have been selected as the 2013 Artist of The Year in the annual survey by Plastic and Plush.

Plastic and PlushPlastic and Plush

Plastic and Plush

The Crawling Dead Show at TAG Gallery

Plaseebo is pleased to have been invited to create a custom based on the Autopsy Zombie Staple Baby vinyl figure from Miscreation Toys for the CRAWLING DEAD show at TAG Gallery in Los Angeles.  The “Zombie Baby” is a one of a kind mash-up of the GID vinyl body from Miscreation Toys with a hand cast resin skull from Plaseebo. The skull has inset eyes and the body has been hand pierced and hand painted using Monster Kolor sprays. The figure also has 2 motion activated LED units with replaceable batteries and the body glows in the dark as well. Signed and dated 2014 by Bob.

Zombie Baby

Zombie Baby

Zombie Baby

Zombie Baby LED

Zombie Baby LED



New Book On Resin Figures

Plaseebo is pleased to have a feature in the just released book titled “We are Indie Toys”  by Louis Bou. The book features the work of 30 independent designers from across the globe. Here is a look at the Plaseebo feature.

Spread 1

Spread 2

Spread 3

Spread 4                                          


Plaseebo is pleased to have been invited to once again be part of Toy Karma 4 opening October 5th at Rotofugi Gallery in Chicago.

The main piece I will have in this years show is from my ongoing “Great American Kaiju” series that is inspired by REAL MONSTERS.

The thrust of this work, titled “Congress Babble”, is to give visual focus to our self-serving congress that is tearing apart the very fabric of the American democracy.

This is a one of a kind piece in hand cast resin with fabric. Eleven inches high.


Congress Babble









“The BURGERKING” / A fable for America

Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 2.34.10 AM

The Burger King / A fable for America
  copyright Bob Conge 2013

Looking back, it is difficult to grasp Sumner only weighed a bit over 3 pounds at birth and one might wonder if overcompensation played a role in his development as neither his mother or father broke five feet or weighed nighty pounds soaking wet.

It was touch and go at first and Mr and Mrs Forward were overjoyed when they were finally able to bring little Sumner home after spending the first fifteen weeks of life in a glass case at the neonatal unit of Strong Memorial Hospital. Being their only child, they wanted him to grow up big and strong. To that end they just could not feed Sumner enough morning, noon, night, and often in between.

BIG he got, by the age of twelve, at 476 pounds and six foot eleven, he was too big to return to school in the fall. His education over, Sumner got a job flipping burgers at the local McDonalds a few blocks from his house where he slipped himself a burger for every one he cooked. Two hundred or more on a good day. By the following Spring, when Sumner was fired for stealing, he was eight feet ten and weighed 923 pounds.

Hungry all the time, Sumner’s habit of biting his fingernails progressed to nibbling bits of flesh off his fingers till bone would show through here and there. With both of his parents working three jobs each they could not keep up with the grocery bills.

Sumner not only ate his parents out of house and home, when the fridge was finally empty, he ate them as well. And then the mailman and three of his neighbors coming home late at night. In the end he was too large to get out of the house and his finger nibbling eventually escalated, leading his all consuming habit to become his own demise.

The moral ? It would seem Zappa was right so many years ago when he said,  “you are what you eat !”









This is a one of a kind piece based on a new sculpt by Bob Conge. It is a massive  5″ x 6″ x 10″ high hand cast resin figure. It has red glass eye inserts, fabric remnants and an internal motion activated LED unit. It also comes with a hand cast dump accessory.