WUU Tank custom for ICFSB show

I will have a new one off custom ” Wuu Tank ” in the “It Came From Skullbrain-2” show opening January 16th at Super 7 in San Francisco. This is a 7 inch long vinyl and plastic piece with an internal LED unit that illuminates the red glass eyes.

In darkened room with LED unit illuminating the red glass eyes.

Night Gamer collaboration in the works

I am very pleased to have an Ultra Limited edition Night Gamer collaboration in the works with NERVISWR3K. Gabe will work his full blown custom magic on an edition of only 5 pieces. This killer edition will be offered from the Plaseebo web shop early in 2010.

This is a photo of a NERVISWR3K 8″ custom in my collection.

Nibiru Probe by Nerviswrek

DEATH PANZER for Macy’s parade

Here is a new custom I built to reflect the horror of WAR.

I would like to be able to build this as a 50 foot inflatable to fly in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in NYC.

Perhaps if people were confronted with a less heroic vision of the reality of War, we might find a solution to conflict more worthy of our position at the top of the food chain. Or are we destined to always be little more than well equipped Neanderthals?

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Halloween Massacre

Plaseebo has been invited to create some CREEPY CUSTOMS for the “Halloween Massacre” Show, curated by Ricky Wilson of VELOCITRON, opening October 30th at the Monstock Gallery in Tokyo.

This first piece was found on October 31st 1986, inside a rusty metal box that was buried under the floor boards of a woodshed behind a house in Springwater Arizona that was owned in the 1950’s by Lt Col Hatfield, US Army Air force, who was stationed in Area 51 at the time of the incident.

CREEPY CUSTOM #1 “Specimen No.X-50U2” One of a kind / signed

Glow in the dark green vinyl with a paint wash, yellow cat eye inserts, two spiders and lots of icky black flies nicely stuffed in a glass canning jar. Bon apetit !

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CREEPY CUSTOM #2 “Ghost Girl” One of a kind / signed

Inspired by a Japanese tale of a thousand ghosts. Vinyl head with rooted hair on a hand cast resin Octobase with a color-changing LED unit

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Halloween is clearly my most favorite of all the holidays.

Enjoy, Bob

Blobpus Custom Art Show in Japan

Ghost Condor

I am very pleased to have been invited to create a custom figure for the Blobpus Custom Art Show opening tonight at The Ghetto 100 Gallery in Tokyo.

My custom “Ghost Condor Dokugan” is a one of a kind mash up and hand paint on a glow in the dark vinyl Blobpus Dokugan figure using some parts from a Velocitron Larvagon. It has red glass eye inserts, a clear vinyl head with GID DX insert and a motion activated LED unit inside the head.

This one even scares me!

Bob Conge / Plaseebo

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Plaseebo will debut a new “Great American Kaiju” figure in the “Toy Karma 2” show at ROTOFUGI GALLERY in Chicago

opening on September 5th. http://www.toykarma.rotofugi.com/

The “Frigiscare” monster (Kaiju) is a custom one of a kind color-way hand roto-cast resin prototype from an original sculpt by Bob Conge. The figure is 9 inches high with a removable head that reveals a compartment containing a switched color changing led unit that illuminates the entire figure in a darkened room. the Frigiscare monster also has a refrigerator imbedded in his chest with an opening door.

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This is the backstory on which the figure is based:

Obsession has caused the downfall of kings and certainly a seven year old boy is no match for its overwhelming power. Coco is an only child who lives in an upscale apartment building in Chicago, overlooking the river as it wanders its way through the windy city. His favorite room in the expansive penthouse is the kitchen and his favorite appliance is the Frigidaire refrigerator. Sadly, one might say this cold white tower with its comforting hum, was his only friend. Coco was very very overweight and all day long he thought about what luscious gifts his friend might have for him when he got home from school.

Over time the after school snacking wasn’t enough and Coco began getting up in the middle of the night to raid the frig. The objects of consumption were always the same, soft ice cream and Cool-wip. Unfortunately one night Coco mistook a tub of yogurt for Cool-wip, YUK, he quickly put the yogurt back and began eating the Cool-wip using the same spoon.

As Arnold would say “BIG MISTAKE”. He pushed the half empty tub of Cool-wip, now contaminated with the yogurt culture, to the very back of the frig behind some jars of pickles and stuff no one liked very much. For weeks the tub sat forgotten like some character in a Kafka novel. A metamorphosis was taking place. The yogurt culture thrived in the sweet environment of the white muck. It grew and grew spilling out of the confinement of its container covering more and more of the pickles and stuff hidden in the back till one night when Coco came down in the darkness and opened the frig door it spilled out and enveloped him, the fridg, and everything else in the kitchen, before spilling out the windows and down the side of the building to the darkened streets of an unsuspecting city. Not the end.

*(Coco is living proof that Frank Zappa was right on when he said “you are what you eat”)

“DOKUPUS meets SKULLOCTOPUS” Set will be released in Plaseebo online store this Friday.

We are stoked to be able to offer this first collaboration release from Plaseebo and Blobpus.

Dokupus meets Skulloctopus on the planet Mars / Love At First Sight

The “Skulloctopus from Outer Space” is a menacing bio-mechanical creature that was created by the on board computer of a space craft from a secret 1960’s Soviet manned Mars landing that lost communication just before landing on the red planet. With no way back to Earth and a limited amount of food and water, the on board computer seeks a way to survive the death of the crew and gain mobility.

Dokupus meets Skulloctopus

Using its robotic arms the computer builds the “Skulloctopus” by joining the skull and brain of one of the cosmonauts with the tentacle legs of a creature that the crew had collected from beneath the surface of Mars. Then by incorporating parts of the landing crafts systems and downloading all of its data and programs, the on-board computer becomes the self sufficient solar powered mobil brain called “Skulloctopus”. The prime directive of this other world Frankenstein is to find a way to return to Earth.

After thirty-seven years of wandering the barren red deserts of Mars in search of some form of intelligence, Skulloctopus detects a sensory input on his scanner that is unlike any data he has yet received. Just as he determines the origin of this transmission is 98 degrees above the surface, a group of dark saucer shaped spacecrafts with red scanning lights silently descend from the black sky to thirty feet above him. There was a high pitched buzzing tone as a Dokupus teleported to the surface from one of the hovering ships and materialized in front of him. He looked at the white skull in the outstretched hand of the Dokupus and Skulloctopus saw this as a gesture of peace and friendship. It was love at first sight.