Phillips de Pury Auction

I will have a one of one prototype of a new figure concept in the the Saturdays at Phillips De Pury auction on April 25th, 2009 in New York City. More details about the auction here.

My figure “CREAM BOY aka Coco” 2009, is lot#141. This is a 9.5″ vinyl custom hand paint with a color changing LED unit inside the head and a removable cream top.

This is the backstory on which this figure is based:

Coco and the Frigiscare
© Bob Conge 2009

Obsession has caused the downfall of kings and certainly a seven year old boy is no match for its overwhelming power. Coco is an only child who lives in an upscale apartment building in Chicago, overlooking the river as it wanders its way through the windy city. His favorite room in the expansive penthouse is the kitchen and his favorite appliance is the Frigidaire refrigerator. Sadly, one might say this cold white tower with its comforting hum, was his only friend. Coco was very very overweight and all day long he thought about what luscious gifts his friend might have for him when he got home from school.

Over time the after school snacking wasn’t enough and Coco began getting up in the middle of the night to raid the frig. The objects of consumption were always the same, soft ice cream and Cool-wip. Unfortunately one night Coco mistook a tub of yogurt for Cool-wip, YUK, he quickly put the yogurt back and began eating the Cool-wip using the same spoon.

As Arnold would say “BIG MISTAKE”. He pushed the half empty tub of Cool-wip, now contaminated with the yogurt culture, to the very back of the frig behind some jars of pickles and stuff no one liked very much. For weeks the tub sat forgotten like some character in a Kafka novel. A metamorphosis was taking place. The yogurt culture thrived in the sweet environment of the white muck. It grew and grew spilling out of the confinement of its container and enveloping more and more of the pickles and stuff hidden in the back till one night when Coco came down in the darkness and opened the frig door it spilled out and enveloped his head, turning it into a dollop of what looked like Cool-wip.

Coco is living proof that Frank Zappa was right on when he said “you are what you eat”

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Not the end.

Bob Conge / PLASEEBO

Mark Nagata and Kaiju Comrades show

I am pleased to have my “Electro Tripus” figure in the Kaiju Comrades show at the Hyaku gallery in Tokyo starting March 28th.

My “Electro Tripus” custom version of Mark Nagatas Tripus figure is a one of a kind clear vinyl hand paint with 3 glass eye inserts, a body filled with sea weed and an internal multi bulb LED color changing lighting system that is switched on / off by squeezing the tail.


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Plaseebo to debut new Kaiju figure at the NYCC

PLASEEBO will debut the prototype of a new figure at the 2009 NYCC next week, the “STONE WALKER”, from their “Great American Kaiju” series. You can see the Plaseebo figures at the Go Hero booth #956 February 6 thru 8, 2009

Journey Of The Stone Walker
Copyright Bob Conge 2009

Our story begins some fifteen thousand years ago with a small band of Siberian hunters crossing the Bearing Sea ice bridge and slowly making their way south over the glaciers of the last North American Ice Age. It is a treacherous journey with week long storms of furious white driven by fierce and frozen winds. In the fury of one blinding storm, the leader of this clan looses his footing and falls into the black void of a half mile deep crevice.

The group continued south and their decedents eventually became the Anasazi people ( ancient ones ) who populated what is now the South West of the United States from 100 AD thru the end of the 13th century.

In the year 1678 a Hopi medicine man ventured north from his village on a vision quest to seek the wisdom of his ancestors, the Anasazi. His journey took him far from his home to a deep cave in the terminal moraine of the last glacial age near the Canadian border. On the tenth night, the flame of his fire caught a reflection from something high above him in the cold black of the cave. As the medicine man moved closer with a lighted piece of hickory, he saw in the cave wall what seemed to be a giant man made of stone with moist shiny eyes. It was in fact the stone covered body of his ancestor, who had fallen into the crevice of the ice sheet fifteen thousand years before. The medicine man used his many skills to summon the flicker of life he saw in the creatures eyes to fill his massive stone frame and free him from the frozen wall.

He returned to his village with the impregnable Stone Walker, who in 1696 led the Pueblo peoples revolt to expel the Spanish from the region.

Some Hopi say they still see the great stone warrior guarding the moonlit flats below the cliffs of First Mesa.

And heres the story of the story:
The story and 8″ sculpt was inspired by the land I am fortunate to live on in Upstate New York. Though good soil is not abundant, nothing grows well here but potatoes, the land however is rich in geologic history. I live on top of the remnants of a terminal moraine left by the last North American Ice Age. At 2000 feet it is a rolling landscape of green covered rock and gravel pushed down from the far north dotted with beautiful lakes carved and filled by the retreating ice sheet ten thousand years ago.

This past Summer, on my daily walk, I saw the foreign stones as the raw material with which I might create a new Kaiju / story and the Stone Walker was born.

Enjoy, BC

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Toy Brief 19 : Night Gamer Toy Review

Toy Break

The Skulloctopus from Outer Space” @ Bob Conge 2009

The “Skulloctopus from Outer Space” is a menacing bio-mechanical creature that was created by the on board computer of a space craft from a secret 1960’s Soviet manned Mars mission that lost communication just before landing on the red planet.

With no way back to Earth and a limited amount of food and water, the on board computer seeks a way to survive the death of the crew and gain mobility. Using its robotic arms the computer builds the “Skulloctopus” by joining the skull and brain of one of the cosmonauts with the tentacle legs of a creature that the crew had collected from beneath the surface of Mars. Then by incorporating parts of the landing crafts systems and downloading all of its data and programs, the on-board computer becomes the self sufficient solar powered mobil brain called “Skulloctopus”. The prime directive of this other world Frankenstein is to find a way to return to Earth.

He may sound a bit grizzly, but wait till you see the other visitors on Mars he has to do battle with this coming Spring.

My new figure for PLASEEBO, the “Skulloctopus from Outer Space/ICE version-1”, will be released as a NEW YORK COMIC CON Exclusive available at The “Go Hero” booth #956 February 6 thru 8, 2009. This is a signed Ultra Limited ( 10 pieces world wide ) hand cast clear urethane edition with cobalt blue glass eye inserts and a new switched internal battery operated color changing LED unit that projects the colors up through the clear head and body. 3″H X 2.5″W X 3″L $120. each.


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I will have a new piece in the up-coming “KAIJU MONSTER INVASION” at the ART CENTER OF SOUTH FLORIDA, during Art Basel in Miami Beach. This will be a multidisciplinary exhibition, whose primary focus is the artistic interpretation of Japanese kaiju — giant beasts from the golden age of Japanese film and television. The show, curated by the Harold Golen Gallery, opens on December 3rd 2008 and runs thru January 4th 2009.

The title of my piece is ” PLASEEBO – The Awakening ” and is inspired by that part in “The Legend of Plaseebo” story where the Mummy of the Japanese Pharaoh of Egypt, “Plaseebo”, is awakened and released from his entombment by the two British archeologists who break into his pyramid one a dark night in 1803.

You can read the entire Legend by clicking here.

This is a one of a kind shadow-box diorama built in a hand crafted 8′ X 13″ X 21″ wooden case with a glass front designed to hang on a wall ( the style and antiqued finnish of the wood case reflects a period Egyptian artifact ).

The glow in the dark vinyl figures have glass inset eyes and four of them have LED lights inside them that are switched from the outside of the case. The effect in a darkened room is quite moving.


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PLASEEBO has three custom pieces by Bob Conge in the PHILLIPS de PURY auction in NEW YORK.

Quoting Steve Agin, Head of Toy Art for PHILLIPS de PURY and Co.

“Bob Conge is a major force in the current burgeoning Toy Art scene. Working tirelessly from his country studio in upstate NY, he has constantly and consistently produced both the most imaginatively whimsical and profoundly intricate range of figures. Whether manning all aspects of the process with singular virtuosity or, collaborating with other heavyweight standouts in this field like Mark Nagata, he distinguishes himself continuously and at the same time elevates the whole arcane show, which is largely cult becoming culture, by always engendering an artistic, journeyman-like gravitas in his creations.

In the current exhibition at Phillips DePury & Co. in NY which culminates in a watershed sale this Saturday (with catalogue available on line as I write at: click on to: Saturdays at Phillips – current sale catalogue – 10/25 – starting with page 9), Bob has 3 knock-out offerings. One is his “Electro-Jujube” a tour de force Zagoran that is filled with what look like spectrally colored gummy candies of the cosmic rainbow lit from within by a knock on the feet and strobe-like interior lighting! Certainly a spectacular example of the stalwart Zag’s outer limits. As well, he has a masterful “NightGamer” which has a head studded with glass marbles which light (in changing colors) when activated by hidden motion sensors! This “Toy” while not the first to be accompanied by a story outfitting its character’s history is the first in which his inventive literary talents have fully matched the beauty and eccentric brilliance of the Toy it explains. It should be published.

But best and above all is, “Sum and Son of Sum”. Two figures of ‘morrainic’ mountains of refuse literally illustrating the detritus of human civilization (with a nod to Kurt Scwitters). Every detail of specificity is illuminated and legible. A veritable gastric cornucopeia of the effusion of all that has been gloriously produced to heraldic fanfare and ignominiously discarded in the trash heaps of progress and largesse. More than we can ever use or appreciate is here on display in disrespectful, guttonous dismissal. This is a history lesson you won’t get in school.

Sobering as it is entertaining. Passionate as it is critical. Moral as it is fanciful. All of it takes place on the back of two fillial creatures capturing and radiating the humaness of the lifeforms that created the very flotsam of garbage that are their bodies. With nods to Hedorah and junkyard kaiju Garuban, Bob has united Japanese modern/neolithism with the intensely compassionate eye-contact (generated in a stare between Sum and Son through red glass orbs) best originally created by Ghirlandaio (a 15th C. Italian Renaissance painter of consummate genius) in his portrait painting of a grandfather and grandson (on view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY). This is a bottomless work, a muse piece that informs not only what Bob has to say on these subjects but what Art has to say. And EVEN, that WE still have souls, in this place and time. Make sure you see the work of Bob Conge.”

Steve Agin

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