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Halloween Massacre

Plaseebo has been invited to create some CREEPY CUSTOMS for the “Halloween Massacre” Show, curated by Ricky Wilson of VELOCITRON, opening October 30th at the Monstock Gallery in Tokyo.

This first piece was found on October 31st 1986, inside a rusty metal box that was buried under the floor boards of a woodshed behind a house in Springwater Arizona that was owned in the 1950’s by Lt Col Hatfield, US Army Air force, who was stationed in Area 51 at the time of the incident.

CREEPY CUSTOM #1 “Specimen No.X-50U2” One of a kind / signed

Glow in the dark green vinyl with a paint wash, yellow cat eye inserts, two spiders and lots of icky black flies nicely stuffed in a glass canning jar. Bon apetit !

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CREEPY CUSTOM #2 “Ghost Girl” One of a kind / signed

Inspired by a Japanese tale of a thousand ghosts. Vinyl head with rooted hair on a hand cast resin Octobase with a color-changing LED unit

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Halloween is clearly my most favorite of all the holidays.

Enjoy, Bob

Blobpus Custom Art Show in Japan

Ghost Condor

I am very pleased to have been invited to create a custom figure for the Blobpus Custom Art Show opening tonight at The Ghetto 100 Gallery in Tokyo.

My custom “Ghost Condor Dokugan” is a one of a kind mash up and hand paint on a glow in the dark vinyl Blobpus Dokugan figure using some parts from a Velocitron Larvagon. It has red glass eye inserts, a clear vinyl head with GID DX insert and a motion activated LED unit inside the head.

This one even scares me!

Bob Conge / Plaseebo

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